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At CMS we believe financial planning is an essential requirement for any individual or business. We aim to build enduring relationships by providing quality services to meet ever changing client needs. Great emphasis is placed on the need to plan ahead for the future and your financial stability.


Tailoring a financial solution to suit you and your situation.


Committed to finding the best solution for your particular situation.


Our association with CMS Private Advisory Chartered Accountants, professional contacts and research and support provided by RI Advice, we can help complete your goals and objectives.

We can help you gain the full picture of your financial wellbeing

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Financial Planning is for everyone, whether you have just started out in your career, own your own business, are an employee or are nearing retirement. Without a structured and accurate financial plan, your potential wealth may not reach its full potential.

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Client Testimonials

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Having run my own private medical practice and being employed in the public hospital system, I was focussed on caring for my patients rather than properly managing my financial affairs.

As I approached the last 10 years of my working life I knew I had to get my finances, and my spending, under control.

John helped me to fully explore and understand my particular financial situation in a warm, friendly and clear way.

His deep understanding of the complex Australian superannuation laws enabled him to put a financial plan and investment strategy to me which was tailored to my particular situation, opportunities, needs and life stage.

We have focussed on cash- flow strategies to build savings which have weathered the GFC storm and continued to grow enabling me to be ready to be a self-funded retiree. I grew these savings whilst still enjoying a happy lifestyle which I will continue to enjoy after I retire.

The outcome of John’s financial planning has been wonderful, surpassing all my hopes and expectations.